Open Source Library Software
We specialize in the following open source library software:

  • Koha Integrated Library Management System (LMS)

Koha is an Open Source Software (OSS) that is used to manage libraries in both developed and developing countries. It has been used by all types of libraries because of its ability to be extensively customized.

We have experienced consultants that have enabled Viel Library Services to install, customize, support and manage Koha LMS at Kiriri Women’s University of Science and Technology (KWUST), California Miramar College, PCEA Tumutumu School of Nursing, Kiambu High School, Life In Abundance (LIA) and others

Library Setup

We help organisations to develop policies, establish requirements and develop libraries both pysical and electronic.



Viel works with clients to establish training needs, develops a training curriculum, content and delivers the content using mordern technology.

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